Yellow Nest Designs was created in my Bloomfield, NJ home.  This is the first house my husband and I have owned and the first time we were able to call all the shots. We ran to the store, bought a can of yellow paint and proudly painted the door of our little "nest" yellow.  That yellow door has lit a spark of creativity inside of me. And I've decided to follow it!  

Having a background in Textile Design, I have a deep love for yarn.

I also have a passion for knitting and crocheting. One of my goals is to try and change the perception of what this craft looks like in today's world. It's not just grandma making misshapen hats or afgans.  It can be youthful and contemporary while also being functional and used in ways that far exceed a scarf.  


T-shirt Yarn, Trapillo Yarn, Zpagetti Yarn or even Tarn; these are all names of the type of yarn Yellow Nest favors. T-shirt yarn is exactly what it says, yarn made from t-shirt or jersey knit fabrics.  The jersey knit fabric is needed to make this yarn because of it's curling properties. The fabric is cut into small strips, which is then stretched. This process makes the fabric curl into itself forming a cord or yarn like string. The result is a durable, chunky, colorful yarn that can be used in many different applications.   

The yarn I use is sourced from an apparel company.  They turn their excess yardage or waste into t-shirt yarn and sell it by the skein.  This means that I don't always have the same color or pattern choices; making each piece unique!