Our Loopy Connection

A few months ago, my In-Laws came to stay with us for a week. They are lifetime residents of Hamburg, Germany. While crocheting one morning in my "Winter Garden" as they call it (or a screened in porch in America) my Father- In-Law sat next to me and told me a story from his childhood. Resources were scarce in those days with many people. So, being creative and crafty was a way of life.

He was reminded of how his Mother used to make the children help crochet rugs for the house out of her used panty hose. It was the exact same technique I use today. She would cut and tie the hose together and make a large ball of yarn. Then, she would twist up candies in the hose every few feet or so. This would motivate the kids to work harder and longer. In time, they would have a soft, durable nylon rug to play on. What a great memory to share!

My daughter starts preschool this week. At 2 1/2, she already knows what yarn is, knows the difference between big and small hooks, and that Mommy makes "bassets" and rugs. One day, I will show her how to crochet and tell her the story of her Opa. Maybe we will even make a rug.

Here is an old pattern on how to make a panty hose rug. No crochet needed, its all braided. Now all you need is the hosiery. If you can find it.



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