The Maker's Fest Wrap Up

Yesterday was fun. I spent the day in my hometown area, with my lifelong friends, surrounded by familiar sites and many familiar faces. It was good to feel that again. For a moment, I thought I was in that Reese Witherspoon movie or something.

Not all things were the same, however. It felt like much more than before. More talented people, more interested and educated customers, more appreciation for handmade goods. It's been several years since I've moved away and even more since I was involved with the local art and craft scene. Back then, it could barely be called a scene at all. That was about 8 years ago. Before people even knew what Etsy was. Now everyone was asking me for my Etsy page (which I don't have, for many reasons that I won't get into now). Time flies.

I would like to thank everyone involved in yesterday's event. There is a group of extremely talented women down there that made this festival possible. Especially, my BFFL, Dawn Francis Simon. You did it girl! You did what we tried to do so many years ago. You pulled off a huge event of artists and crafters and music and food, with much success. Remember our attempt at the "Fresh Air Fair" in the parking lot of our Surf City location? Well, our creative intentions were in the right place back then. Just maybe not our business skills. hehe. Thank you for inspiring me to push further with my passion.

Speaking of my passion, I've learned that many people just aren't sure what it is. They understand that I crochet or knit as some call it (but it's not knitting for the record). The material I use is just not familiar to the masses. Neither is the idea of a handmade basket. Which sort of surprises me. But on the bright side, they all LOVE it!!! I receive the best compliments. If they aren't buying a basket, they are certainly telling me how much they love them. So, yesterday was a nice boost of confidence for me.

Onward and Upward is the coming week's motto. I will be at the Hoboken Art's and Music Festival next Sunday the 25th, from 11-5pm. It's a big one. There are 350 vendors and around 40,000 people attend.

If you've ever been to Hoboken, you know what I mean when I say that the "load in" alone is frightening me. But this is my family's hometown. So, we got this!

Thanks again for all the support this weekend. It was a time!