Hoboken Arts & Music Wrap Up

The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival was by far the biggest show I've done to date. There were literally tens of thousands of people there. Many were local to the city, but others came from neighboring towns like Jersey City, Weehawken and even some took the Path train from Downtown Manhattan.

The show was a success. Not just from a sales standpoint but we've really streamlined the setup and breakdown. Which is very much needed for a show of this size and in this location. We were amazed, to say the least. Amazed by how this insanely populated, one mile square wide city, handled the thousands of visitors and hundreds of vendors and all their equipment. The show was on the infamous Washington St., which is flooded with restaurants, bars and shopping. We had 1 1/2 hours to set up and 1 1/2 hours to break down, all before the street sweepers came and cars were allowed back on. It was chaotic and organized at the same time.

One thing stood out to me that still has me thinking today. There were these ladies next to us who sold jewelry and leather belts. All of their own making and very nice quality. They showed up close to opening time and were ready within 30 minutes. They had no tent. No signage. No name. Just black tables with handmade displays, a couple of wheeled suitcases and a folding chair. They had a thermos filled with white wine and we listened to them laugh and talk all day. Albeit in Spanish, so we had no idea what they were saying really. They had a ball. They made it simple. They were good at what they did, made what they liked to make and they were very successful. I envied the simplicity of it. At the end of the night, they packed up with no rush, all while drinking their wine. Then they wheeled off, yelled to us "Adios" and "Goodnight" and headed to the Path train back to The City.

I'm still not sure why these ladies intrigued me so much. But it reminded me to have fun. Not to worry if every tag is in the right place or if my signs are perfectly straight. But just go with it. If your product is good and you enjoy what you do, people will appreciate and buy no matter what. I will think of these ladies every time I do a show.

The next couple of months will be spent setting up online shopping on my website, fulfilling wholesale orders that have come my way and making some new product for the holidays. Thank you to my family who watched my daughter for the day. She loves you all and loved Hoboken. I'm glad to hear what a good girl she was. And a HUGE thanks to my husband who made my new displays. They are perfect!