A Giant Mess

If you're a knitter, crocheter, crafter or all around lover of handmade goods, you've probably heard about "Giant Wool" yarns. The pictures of luxurious blankets on cozy beds are flooding Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. They seem fun and simple to make, so why wouldn't every knitter or crocheter be making these beautiful blankets of softness? Let me explain the truths about this trend.

I first cam across giant wool yarns in NYC at a Vogue Knitting show. There was an Australian artist there who makes her own yarn from her sheep farm down under. She was at the show exhibiting her work. There was enormous skeins of yarn, knitting needles the size of tree trunks and massive tapestries hanging from the ceiling. Needless to say, I was in love at first site!!!

Without even asking about price, I grabbed one of the few balls of yarn that were left. I handed her a $100 bill (all I had on me) and I was shocked when I was only given about $20 back! The size of the ball was enough to make a cowl, she told me. I didn't want to seem shocked, so I just took my goods, smiled and went on my way.

"Are you kidding me?" "Who in their right mind?" "Am I crazy?" Were some of the questions running through my head as I walked away in a slight daze.

When I got home, I sucked it up and made my cowl out of the most expensive yarn I had ever bought. Yes, it was high quality Merino Wool. Yes, it was super soft. Yes, it came from an organic sheep farm in Australia. All selling points that I tried to tell myself in order to justify my purchase. This is where my love/hate relationship with giant, wool roving yarns began.....

Recently, I've been asked by my friends, family and strangers alike if I could make a "Giant Yarn" blanket for them. I've even been given the advise to sell them. The thought has crossed my mind. They are awesome and people would love it! So, I tried to search for a cheaper version of what I bought in NY. Let me just tell you now, it doesn't really exist. At least not yet. And if you can find one that is semi cheap, and by cheap I mean $50 a skein (instead of $80 like I paid) the shipping from Europe would even out the price. There are some people that are starting to make these yarns blended with Acrylic, which brings the price down a bit. But they are always out of stock and the chase starts to get old.

So, if you are willing to pay anywhere from $250 for a 24x30 inch throw blanket. Or, well over $1000 for a king sized comforter. Please DM me, we can talk. Though, I won't hold my breath.

Another inside tip about wool roving yarns. They pill and they shed. Which is completely normal and a trait that comes with wool yarns. It can usually be rectified by shaving the piece with scissors, a razor or a pill cleaning machine ( I have a Japanese one and it works great ). But on these enormous blankets, its a huge problem. The fibers will get all over your bed, your pillows and your clothes. And to shave such a large area, could take hours. Let's not even get into the dry-cleaning bills you would encounter.

So again I ask you, if you're willing to pay the price and maintain the upkeep that these beauties require, please message me. But if you have any kind of a normal life like you actually sleep in your bed, have children or pets, you can just be like me and enjoy the pretty photos. Because in my opinion, that's all they're good for.